Experiential photography: Small groups of images taken from a significant moment that tell a small story about an experience that lasted only for a moment. (see Lenswork #127) In "Photography, Art and Media", Brooks Jensen explores the idea of chapbooks as a really great way to showcase very small collections of images combined with words. He talks about his own collection, "Sketches" that he describes as "Less than an book, more than a print...a way for us to share a few thoughts, experiences, and travels." (p. 161) Less formal then a portfolio and more considered than a scrapbook, the chapbook becomes the just right format to share a discrete (unique) experience that may not have any other context. This formula--a unique experience + a few images + some words for context--is something that he comes back to time and again in his various writings. His article on experiential photography (Lenswork #127) is a great example. Inspired by that, I've begun putting together these collections of experiences, which I'm calling "Artifacts". The work that I've started here sometimes involve a moment, a few days or more, but they nonetheless are excerpts from my life. They're experiences that I feel are important to take some time and explore. Many of them involve small trips with my kids--times that I definitely want to remember. And, because I usually have my camera with me, some nice images come out along the way.