"Once upon a time a fisherman lived with his wife in a pigsty not far from the sea." from The Fisherman and His Wife
"The woman took the children deeper into the forest, to a place they had never been before." from Hansel and Gretel
"The king put the boy in a box and rode off with him until he found some deep waters." from The Devil and His Three Golden Hairs
"When she was twelve years old, the enchantress took her into the forest and locked her up in a tower that had neither stairs nor a door." from Rapunzel
"The two walked all day long across meadows and fields and over rocks." from Little Brother and Little Sister
"The two children found a little brook, with water that sparkled as it leaped over the stones." from Little Brother and Little Sister
"Then they went deeper into the forest, right to its very heart, where it was darkest, and there they found an enchanted hut that was completely empty." from The Twelve Brothers

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